UV Printing

Different from conventional printing because the ink is cured through a photomechanical process. The inks, when exposed to Ultra Violet light turns from a liquid to a solid. The inks are able to adhere to unusual substrates as well as uncoated stocks. Our UV printer contains the latest state of the art technology that is able to print on flat substrates up to two inches thick, as well as allow us the option to print roll to roll. This printer has the ability to print white ink and print up to three layers at the same time. We are able to print and produce a lot of unique designs with this machine.

Usage: Foam & Gator Board, PVC, Styrene, Coroplast, Acrylic, Steel, etc

VuTek QS 3200 – UV Print Direct Printer


Solvent Printing

A very traditional way of creating printed graphics on a wide range of materials. Solvent inks are chemically aggressive and are able to work their way into the media. Solvent printing is known for its long outdoor durability against the elements. We have two types of solvent printers. Our first printer is able to print up to ten feet wide with immaculate outdoor durability because of the heavy solvents that are used. Our second solvent printer is able to print up to 64” wide with very high quality print to get the finest detail possible.

Usage: Banners, Mesh, Decals, Backlit Film, Perforated Window Film

Roland VP540 – 54″ Print & Cut


Roland RE-640 – 64″ High Speed Printer